Another easy way to drive massive traffic

Another easy way to drive massive traffic is by using safe list.

If you do not have the list, you always can pay for certain amount of money to send your email to hundreds even thousands of opt-in e-mail readers. This is not considered as spam since the list members agreed to receive e-mails from the list owner either in specific categories or in general.

Some of opt-in e-mail list providers:


1 thought on “Another easy way to drive massive traffic

  1. Safelist Automation

    Using safelist is a good way to get traffic, but beware, you’ve got to use another email address beside the one that you use regularly. You don’t want to receive hundreds or thousands of emails from other safelisters. Do you?

    You must also have a software, or subscribe to a service that will auto-delete emails that you received, or you’ll have insufficient mail storage.

    Mohd Fairuz


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