Another “the death of..” report

I got few e-mails from fellow internet marketers promoting a free report titled “The death of network marketing”. You will get US0.25 per successful download. But hold on. I’m NOT going to ask you to download anything so that I can make money and left you getting few bucks because you don’t know how to make money with it.

This kind of viral marketing was being made popular by Scott Boulch of The death of Adsense where you get US1 for each download if I’m not mistaken. Then more internet marketers adapting this method to build list fast and sell high-priced seminar and dvd collection or whatever.

It was hard to get the download not as what people say ‘easy money’. If you do not have at least 1000 subscribers in your opt-in list, forget about it. No one will download from you when you advertise on your blog with only 20 visitors a day.

Furthermore it is a one time payment that you get from your effort. Not a long term residual income you can get again and again from the internet.

Lately I always think a simpler, better way for beginner and non-techie people to really be successful on the internet. If you say that everybody can make money online, I totally disagree with that.

It’s just like saying everybody can be an engineer. Yes you can be a an engineer, but you need a special skill and enough knowledge to be one. You have to spend lots of time learning, researching and master lots of other technical skill to be an engineer.

If you want to make money online you may need to know how to build website, setting up a blog, shopping cart, uploading files, affiliate program scripts, know about SEO, web 2.0, opt-in list and so on and so on.. Do you think you can do this with what you currently have? Do you really afford to do what it takes to be successful online?

How many of you have read more than 20 ebooks on making money online? How many of you have spent more than 3 hours a day just to look for opportuny to make money online? How many of you have gone to seminar but still don’t have idea how to make money online? How many of you getting less than USD10 from internet after spend time blogging for more than 3 months?

So what’s the simple way? Do you have the answer? I don’t.. at this moment but I will share when I have the answer. Think think..

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