Busy week

So busy this week settling unsettled programming project with client. Do not have time to do my internet marketing work but still have time to monitor the result 🙂

Today I realize my blog and my few other sites has page rank on them. Hmm.. it has been almost 2 months since I register this domain name. Seems google is doing its major indexing to include/exclude/rank websites in its database.

So what I can conclude is you have 3 major milestones to achieve in building a high-traffic website

  1. Get indexed by search engine. How to check? Just type your URL on the search box. If it produces result then your site has been indexed (is in the search engine database)
  2. Get as many quality links as possible. How to do this? Find related websites/blogs/forums and post quality comments or request for link exchange with them.
  3. Place as many content on your website as possible, always update it with fresh content, write keyword-targeted content. How to target what to write? Search for high-demand keyword (you can use Overture Keyword Suggest Tool)

The MOST important thing – DO IT man.. don’t just know it and say it but do nothing about it. Take action!

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