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Adwords problem

I’ve been changing some description and URL for my current adword campaigns. But seems it would not take effect immediately or few minutes after that as claimed. Sometimes it takes days for them to review and approve the ad campaign. And when it has been for almost a week, then I send them e-mail to let the ad campaign runs.
Need to focus on creating more ad campaign to promote websites and online products for this 2 weeks.

SEO techniques using blog

I really interested with the ebook titled Blogging to the bank. It ranked no. 7 now at I’m going to purchase the e-book soon after settling all my pending jobs and projects. I did some research and read review written by some of the internet marketer online.

The e-book is actually about making money through affiliate program by getting free traffic from free blog with the SEO techniques.

Actually free blog like blogspot and blogsome are built with search engine friendly in mind.  And search engine loves blog because it always has fresh contents compared to websites that sometimes take months to be updated with new contents.
Some of the best features in most of the blog application is blog ping and friendly URL.

Blog ping in a simple words is getting your blog crawl by many blog directories once it is updated. The most popular one is ping-o-matic. While the SE Friendly URL is like

I’ve just created few other free niche blog with recently. Will update soon on the progress.

Registered with goClick PPC Ad

In order to leverage more on traffic building to my websites, I’ve just registered with goClick. Here are some comments and comparison with Google Adwords that I use as the first PPC SE.

goClick registration is much simpler. You can just register for free first and add your campaign. Then only you need to add fund in order to the campaign to be published. The minimum deposit is for just $10. The minimum price you can bid is just for $0.01.

The other good thing with goClick is you can view other people with higher rank bid. So you can know what price to bid in order to get your desired rank.

You can also always get the highest rank using goClick auto BidMaster that will adjust your ad to always be at the highest rank.

You can register goClick for free and have a look on the features.

To try other PPC Search Engine Advertising

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is very effective. You can get targeted viewers easily and continously. Unlike pay by impression, with PPC you just pay for the result. Pay only when people CLICK and VISIT your website NOT when your ad is displayed.
I’ve been using Google Adwords for quite some time and very satisfied with it. Now it’s time to try other PPC provider like Overture (Yahoo Search Marketing) and few other popular PPC Search engine to leverage my online advertising method.

Next to try maybe goClick or SearchFeed cause of the cost is cheaper – minimum bid $0.01 per click and $25 deposit, unlike overture minimum $0.10 and $50 deposit. But still looking around for feedback from users regarding the effectiveness of the PPC.

View PPC SE comparison chart

Where to get continous massive traffic

Traffic is like oxygen to the website. No oxygen – dead.

I’ve tried so many ways to get website traffic. But the best is still through search engine ranking. Ranked on the first page for highly searched keyword, then just wait for massive traffic flow to your website.

But the problem with SEO (search engine optimization) is it takes times. Sometimes up to few months to get a high rank.

So I have been looking for other ways to get continous traffic to my websites. I’m very satisfied with Google Adwords. Pay for the result. When only people click on your ad and visit your website.

Other than that, I’ve tried send to list of opt-in emails provided by some companies. It works quite well and cheap in price. You can have 1000 visitors to your websites for just $10. But the price will be higher if you send to targeted viewers – by category and region.

Please refer to my previous posting – Another easy way to drive massive traffic

Another thing I found was buying traffic that will send via expired domain and other kind of forwarding service. It is even cheaper than opt-in emails. It can go sometimes down to $10 for 10,000 visitors. Hmm.. I’ve tried with this service but am waiting for the result.

Update: The result is not good. The stats in my cpanel shows that there are traffic coming in but not quality ones. Maybe the traffic comes from pop under window or somewhere that people cannot even see the website.