Cheapest Wireless Broadband?

It is not the cheapest actually since you can get a wireless broadband access as low as RM68/mo with a bulky modem but I can say it is the cheapest in its class 🙂 I did some survery with other wireless broadband and found that this offer is good.

With RM78/mo (with 2 year contract), you will get unlimited access + a USB HSDPA modem (worth about RM700). But I can’t guarantee the quality and coverage since U mobile is still new to the market (is it?) and never met anyone using u surf so far.
u surf

Check out u surf website – their website is quite impressive..
You will get 8-day money back guarantee if in case you are not satisfied with the service/coverage or whatever (pls read the TOS for this) so if you are thinking of getting one for your mobile needs, then this would be a good choice.
Maxis is offering RM138/mo for unlimited access with USB modem. But they are also offering “Power WiFi” for RM158/mo (not yet explore this one)

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