How to accelerate your internet connection

Tired of very slow internet connection with GPRS, I’ve been looking for internet accelerator and download accelerator programs. At last I found few applications that really help.

Maybe some of you (especially with dial-up or GPRS connection can use it for faster internet surfing and file downloading.

1. Ashampoo Internet Accelerator

This application is a freeware. The download size is about 2.1MB. You need to run it once and get your PC reconfigured for optimized internet connection setting.

2. Download Accelerator Plus

This software has been in market long time ago. I had used it back in the dial up age. I like it because it is free (ad supported), accelerate your download with multiple download connection (chuncks) and download resume capability.

I’ve also tried Free Download Manager before but always got downloaded files corrupted and can’t be used/installed.

Another alternative is by going to the nearest cyber cafe that charge RM2/hour. Lucky enough they have special promotion during this mooncake festival. They offer RM1.50/hour for one month period starting from 6/9 – 6/10.

So need to bring my notebook to cybercafe if I need to download/upload huge files.

Feel like browsing the net back in 1996 again 😐 But at least now I am able to check my e-mail through my 3G phone even when queueing at the supermarket. I’ll tell bit more on 3G soon. What it can do, how much you have to pay and how it can benefit you most.

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