How to check your ranking in Google search engine?

Do you know what is your current ranking in Google for your website for a given keyword? I love this tool rank detective. It is simple and fast but limited to get your rank only in Google. Not in other search engine.
But for me, if you are ranked high in Google, there is high possibility your website will be ranked high in other search engines especially MSN.

Recently I checked my latest project for malaysia classifieds or iklan percuma for the keyword “Iklan Percuma Malaysia” and it’s ranked #1 in Google and MSN. You can see the result here – for google and MSN.

Now I’m concentrating on getting higher ranking for other hot keywords. Anyway, I got many traffics come directly to individual ads too. Most of the visitors are coming from search engine and that is what I want and that is how it should be.
I’m targeting unique visitors to reach 1000 per month in another few months.

My Malaysia Property website – is now getting more than 6000 unique visitors per month sometimes can reach up to 8000 visitors. You can view the stats below. (but not updated to the current month).
malaysia property

So what you need to do to rank high? OK simple. but it’s not an overnight job. There are lots of steps to follow but below are the most important steps among them.

  • Get a domain name that have your keyword in it
  • Name your file with keyword on it
  • Name you page title that have keyword on it
  • Let your page header be in heading 1

    and heading 2

  • Get as many links to your website. But prioritize to quality websites that have high PR (more than 3) and if possible that are related to your website.
  • For content, you can repeat the keywords few times. But make sure you don’t over do it. You can also use formatting like italics, bold and underline for your keywords.

So start implement it on your site now. Because I’m sure you will see this tips everywhere on the net but your website still not ranked well in the search engine. Why? Because you do not take any ACTION. That was what I did before 🙂 Good luck!

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