How to convert doc to pdf and why you want to do so?

Wow… after found the fast and clean pdf reader – Foxit. I’m so excited. It loads even faster than MS Word. Then… I got an idea.

The problem:

Haha.. always start with the problem. and followed by solutions to solve it.

When you do a research online on certain topic, you will get a lot of relevant results on different websites. And after a while you will forget some of the websites you’ve just visited that have the answers for your problems.

Have you ever faced such problem? I have.. many times. My firefox’s bookmark and shortcuts are overused. I cannot remember what the websites are all about.

So what’s the solution then?

The solution:

OK this is what I do..

  1. Do a research. Search something you want via search engine. Let say you want to do a research on “How to become a super affiliate?
  2. When you found a result and answers for your questions. Copy and paste it on a word document. Make sure you copy along author’s profile and resource of the original content for future refence.
  3. Find more relevant and high-quality articles, forum contents or whatsoever that answer your questions and paste it in the doc you just created.
  4. Nah.. now you have a quick copy-and-paste little guide that answers your problems/questions.
  5. Give a descriptive name to it such as “SuperAffiliateTipsv1.doc”
  6. Convert the document to pdf for better viewing and faster load (of course use Foxit Reader to open the pdf. (It loads faster than MS Word, its size is smaller and you can easily scroll between the pages)
  7. Keep it along with your ebook collection. Maybe you can name a folder for them such as “My Research”.
  8. Make sure you keep the original doc file for updating purpose.

The question is how to convert your doc to pdf? You have 2 options:

  1. Convert online with free tool like neevia
  2. Download a free PDF printer driver such as pdf995

Hint: You can search for more tools to convert doc to pdf. Just ask Google!

Warning: This is for your own use only. Please make sure you copy along the author’s profile/credit and the original resource of the articles. And if you want to distribute it, make sure you get permission from the content’s owner first.

I hope this tip would help you doing research and organize your stuff more efficiently. Good luck!

Anything you want to add? Feel free to write your comments…

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