Just bought a new 3G phone

Latest news 🙂 I just bought a brand new 3G phone Sony Ericsson K608i. Cannot place the picture here since there is no image on SE website yet. Its features same as K600i phone but with smart all-black casing and slightly bigger screen.


(image of K600i – K608i comes with all-black color casing)

After this will get the 3G sim and account activated. Actually I plan to have this 3G phone by end of this year but my wife’s handphone was not working sooner than expected. Hmm.. (always the reason to purchase a new one.. haha)

Some of K608i interesting features:

  • Bluetooth
  • Infrared
  • USB connector
  • 3G, video call
  • Camera 1.3MPixel
  • Organizer – tasks,notes with ability to sync with Outlook
  • Photo, Video and sound DJ (editor)
  • Radio
  • Support Java application/games
  • and more..

This is my son’s picture taken with the camera phone
(not in such good quality since it is in door and at night)

The price you can get is RM600 (this is the price I got). Maybe you can get cheaper. I traded in my wife’s phone (after repair it a bit) for the price of RM150 (So I got the new handphone for RM450!). That’s the best price I’ve got for trading in the old phone. Some shops wanted to take it just for RM70! Huh..

New handphone. New spirit.. hehe.. hope will do much better in near future. So much plan in list to execute. Do YOU have a list? If you don’t, go create your to-do or action list now. You will become more efficient if you have one. Trust me. All the best in your venture too!

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3 thoughts on “Just bought a new 3G phone

  1. hasrul

    hmm.. handsome. like father like son. The handphone is handsome too. How dare you trade your wife’s phone azwan. lol.

    Azwan’s workshop? I recommend it since i know who he is.

  2. Zakir

    I like your handphone, my bachelor boy likes it much more. Cheap in price. Probably will get him one. Today we will go to Pandan Capital near our house to hunt for it, if time permit.
    See you in your coming Workshop!


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