Make more money with exchange rate

No, I’m not going to talk about how to make money with forex here 🙂 I just did some projection for my adsense earning income for this month. How do I project my income? It’s simple actually.

What you need to do ..
– Login to your adsense account (of course)
– Click Reports > Advanced Reports
– Choose data range – choose “this month – September”
– Click “Display report” button

In the report list, you can see daily average of your earning. To get some ideas what your income would be, just multiply the number with 30. And you get your earning figure for that month.
The interesting part is the conversion rate for MYR currency against USD is now 3.45. This means that you can get more with the same USD you get from Adsense.

Here is the graph showing the movement of MYR agains USD.


Check it out yourself here 

Still remember those days when our exchange rate is MYR3.80 for USD1. When you received USD100 you actually got RM380. Same if you got RM1000, you actually got RM3800!

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