Quick checklists for affiliate marketers

Some quick checklist for affiliate marketers. Most of successful affiliate marketers are doing these. Duplicate to success.

  1. Presell. Don’t just sell.
  2. Must have an opt in mailing list to always update potential customers.
  3. Guide and give recommendation for buyers to buy. Good example is by preparing product review (personal review is the best) and products comparison
  4. Write and submit articles to article directory to get traffic and increase credibility

Other tips

  1. Give away free stuff
  2. Bonus on purchase
  3. Provide testimonials of satisfied customers
  4. Always track marketing result
  5. Refine marketing strategy
  6. List benefits instead of product features

Some good references for affiliate marketers. Try it

  1. Super Affiliate Handbook
  2. Secret Affiliate Weapon (just $9.97)

Both authors are top affiliates of their merchant. Have proof of high-paid commission and know what they are talking about.

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