Receiving first Google Adsense income via Western Union

Yestereday only I had the chance to withdraw my Google Adsense income with Western Union at CIMB Bank. This is my first experience receiving money with Western Union.

The process is very simple. You have to prepare with this information
– Amount of money expected to receive
– Money Sender Name and address
– 10-digit MTCN (money transfer control number)
– Your IC or identity document
Just fill up WU receive money form (with all above details) and provide your IC. That’s it. Just like withdrawing money during old days with passbook at the counter.

One question asked before this was whether you can use your name without BIN/BINTI for Malaysian muslim. The answer is YES you can use your name without the BIN/BINTI. No issue. Same rule goes to name on check.

So with this new option, no more long waiting time to cash money for Adsense income. Previously need to wait for 1 and half month to get the cash (2 weeks to receive posted check and 3 weeks to clear the check. Phew)

The next thing to try is transfering paypal money to Visa card. Anybody has tried this?

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8 thoughts on “Receiving first Google Adsense income via Western Union

  1. azwan

    Cybersix, try dapatkan first payment, then insyaAllah akan dapat motivation to earn more. Perlu ada website yang kuat. Ada banyak tapi yang dapat income betul2 ada a few.

    Khairol, No charge untuk amik commission western union

  2. nurul

    finally after so long, i earned enough to get my earnings for adsense..
    looking forward to receiving my first cheque

    but for future..wanna ask based on ur experience..
    so which one is the most economical/cheapest method?
    get google to issue cheque or pay via western union?


  3. azwan

    Congrats Nurul, at last 🙂 So after this the first income will motivate you further to get more in next payment.

    For me of course I will go for Western Union

    – it’s free (no additional charge)
    – it’s fast (next day can withdraw, check need to wait for about 5 weeks in total to get the cash)
    – it’s much easier (just like withdraw money from counter. no need to go to home branch like depositing the check)


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