Tools needed to be successful in internet marketing

After spend more and more time on internet marketing, I can say that there are a lot of repetition in what I’ve been doing. So many time spent to do the same things again and again.

To avoid this happen and save my time, I have to find a very good tools in helping me do the job faster, easier and more efficient.

I need tools to

  1. Build a user friendly website – with good-looking interface (at least acceptable), search engine friendly, easy to navigate, easy to update/maintain.
  2. Get quality and related content to my website
  3. Promote the website – Getting quality and continous traffic faster and easier
    Tools are important.

Like a carpenter, you need a complete tools to finish up your work. Different jobs require different set of tools. You can still success without set of good tools but it will take longer time to complete a task – time is money.

3 thoughts on “Tools needed to be successful in internet marketing

  1. Adsense Page Generator

    Yes, I agree with you. I myself use several Internet marketing tools to create website faster. Page generator software is one of the tool. I like Secret Money Generator a lot (not sold anymore), as well as Quick Page Generator and XsitePro.

    However, don’t expect these tools can do everything for you. You still need to put your effort in customizing your sites, modifying the templates etc.

  2. smartzul

    Zul here from smartusaha.. 🙂

    Nice blog.. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hmm, actually i’m the newbie in internet marketing and need to learn more from any gurus.. 😉

    Azwan, how long did you involves in internet business? I see, you do the adsense yaa.. hehe, so how about the incomes? Hope you get the freedom in financial..

  3. azwan

    Fairuz, thanks for the recommendation. but where to get bulk of text files for content for QPG?

    Zul, I started since 2003 but only active in 2005 after resign from my post as application developer early that year and become a freelance programmer and consultant.

    Adsense is ok. Start earning monthly income from adsense few months back. Previously have to wait once in few months to get the check 🙂

    Nice to know others who are in the same line here. Your blog is informative too. Good job.


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