Tracking your advertising campaign

Result is important. If you don’t like your result, change your approach. You won’t get different result if you are doing the same thing again and again.

You need to track every single advertising campaign you run if possible. Advertising incurred cost. If your advertising cost is more than what you get out of it, then you are in lost. Stop the campaign and start with a new one. Until you found a good one. Let it runs and roceed to the next.

I’m in progress of developing a simple application that can track every click people made on my advertisement links. When they click it, how much each click cost me and from where the click is made. At the end of the day, I can view a comprehensive report where I can then summarize the profits made out of the campaign.

The other good thing on the website is I managed to get a four letter dot com domain name that will make my advertisement link shorter and friendlier. Shorter than

Will update more on the link tracker application when it is completed. Maybe will make it as a limited free service to all.

You can get a free ad tracker at Click Audit.

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