What is the best autoresponder on the net?

I also not sure which are the best. 🙂 But I have a list of autoresponder that you can look at. The price, the features, the reliability and effectiveness.

What is autoresponder anyway?

It is an application to manage your subscription list, to submit sequential message automatically giving a specific period of time. For example you are selling a medicine online. You offer a special report on your medicine benefits etc to the user by let them subscribe to your newsletter.

All the messages you want to send has been set up in advanced. You have set up let say 4 messages with interval of 3 days of each message. The first message will be sent immediately after the user subscribe to your newsletter. After 3 days, the second one arrive at the subscriber inbox. And so on till the last message.

So what is the benefit?

People won’t buy from you on the first visit. So you can use autoresponder to build credibility and convince people on your services or products. You can follow up with them on their progress after reading your previous messages etc. This will increase subscribers confidence and will lead to a sale.

Here are some autoresponder for you to evaluate.
1. SendFree ($19.97) – As its name, it is free for you to use but with ads. Without ads need to upgrade. Have free trial for 30 days
2. GetResponse – ($17.95) You can have a limited feature of this autoresponder for free
3. EmailAce – ($8.95) Paid autoresponder. Promo as low as $2.95 for first 30 days.
4. Aweber ($19.95) – Paid autoresponder with monthly fee.

Try it and choose the one suit your needs. Happy marketing…

more autoresponder

  • professionalautoresponder.com (free)
  • parabots.com

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