Where to get continous massive traffic

Traffic is like oxygen to the website. No oxygen – dead.

I’ve tried so many ways to get website traffic. But the best is still through search engine ranking. Ranked on the first page for highly searched keyword, then just wait for massive traffic flow to your website.

But the problem with SEO (search engine optimization) is it takes times. Sometimes up to few months to get a high rank.

So I have been looking for other ways to get continous traffic to my websites. I’m very satisfied with Google Adwords. Pay for the result. When only people click on your ad and visit your website.

Other than that, I’ve tried send to list of opt-in emails provided by some companies. It works quite well and cheap in price. You can have 1000 visitors to your websites for just $10. But the price will be higher if you send to targeted viewers – by category and region.

Please refer to my previous posting – Another easy way to drive massive traffic

Another thing I found was buying traffic that will send via expired domain and other kind of forwarding service. It is even cheaper than opt-in emails. It can go sometimes down to $10 for 10,000 visitors. Hmm.. I’ve tried with this service but am waiting for the result.

Update: The result is not good. The stats in my cpanel shows that there are traffic coming in but not quality ones. Maybe the traffic comes from pop under window or somewhere that people cannot even see the website.

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  1. Targeted Traffic

    How to Get All the Website Traffic You Want with No Effort at all

    In order to have a successful site you need of course a lot of website
    traffic. But in many cases, even if you work really hard and you create
    professional web page you still do not get too many visitors and in
    conclusion the profit that you deserve.

    First, let us review the most poplar methods of directing traffic to a
    certain website.

    -link exchanging – cheap method but many say that overall it drives
    away from your site instead of to it, because adding a large number of
    to you pages makes them look unprofessional and may drive visitors
    Adding only a small number of links does not have any noticeable
    Also making link exchanges it’s mot always so easy because you have to
    convince webmasters to trade links with you. I can tell you from my
    experience that if you have a new site this thing could get really
    because almost no one will want to exchange links with you. Over time a
    good link
    can build your website traffic but it is hard work.

    -free ezine ads – another cheap method but it rarely does anything
    that are thousands of ads out there that try to attract attention and
    will just blend in with the others.

    -search engine submissions – this may be the most effective method but
    requires a lot of work and time, plus some money, and it only works if
    get a high position in the search engines, which is very difficult to
    and you can loose that position in a few weeks.

    -Buying one way links to increase you link popularity and your search
    rankings could be a method but having top positions in the major search
    engines it’s not so easy. Every one knows that search engine website
    is the best but to get it you must have thousands of good quality links
    which can get really expensive.

    The solution is easier than you may think it is.. you can buy traffic!
    For a
    small amount of money you can purchase all the website traffic that you
    and boost you business profits. Without people visiting your pages you
    not promote and sell your products, so if you want to increase your
    you have to get as much website traffic as you can. Therefore, the
    easiest solution is to buy traffic. It is not expensive at all and you
    definitely gain much more money than what you spend on buying traffic!

    Now, a new innovative method was developed – the redirected visitors
    technology. This tehnique brings, just as its name suggests, redirected
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    People who are working with this technology purchase all the abandoned
    domain names that had a website with good traffic on them. Those
    websites are listed in the search engines and they are marketed,
    they used to be visited by quite a lot of people. When you enter this
    of program, your website will be scanned, and those abandoned websites
    be redirected to yours. When someone searches for something in a search
    engine and clicks on the link that used to point to the abandoned
    pages, it
    will lead them to you instead! Unlike popups this method is not
    annoying for
    users, because what they find has the same subject as what they
    for, so they will most likely not even notice the redirection.

    This way you will get all the targeted website traffic you need.
    Instead of
    working really hard you can simply buy that traffic! And as i saw on
    the net
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