Yes, it’s right,

I thought it was a mistake when somebody left me a message with an email ending with Then I typed the URL and it went to yahoo mail website. I then sign out my yahoo mail login to ensure it was not a phishing site.

This screen confirms that ymail exists and one of email address offered by yahoo mail besides and

I’ve not been using after I used gmail. I just logged on to my yahoo mail twice a week to check if there are messages sent by my old friends. That’s it.

I can see that gmail is leading in providing lots of new features while the rest are following gmail steps.

The best things I love about gmail are

  • it keeps same messages with same subject as one so that I can easily track previous old messages
  • the search function is superb
  • I can use my handphone to check gmail with google mobile
  • It’s fast to delete, star (flag) message and archive because it use AJAX
  • I can consolidate all my email to one account by using forwarding option and account setting to change my “from” email
  • I love the webclip feature appear on top of the email to get latest news from my subscribed rss feed

webclipWhat about you? What email are you using and why are you using it?
(besides because of your company email because you have to use it)

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