Adsense – the hard part

Making money with adsense is easy and fast. I can make 10 mini websites in a week. Complete with design, contents, domain name etc.
To make more money in adsense is by getting more visitors and get them click on the ad. So, the hard part is to get the traffic. It takes time to get traffic from search engine but this is the most cost effective way (because it’s free!) but you need to wait for few weeks to get listed on search engine.
To get fast traffic is by using adwords to advertise new website while waiting for the website to get listed in search engine and climb the rank. Other than that by post your links to article directory, classifieds, forums, mailing list etc. This is lots of work and will end sooner after your post the URL.

So, the strategy –

1. Use google adwords while waiting for website to get listed/crawled

2. Send URL so that it can be seen in many places (but don’t spam)

3. Do the link exchange and other SEO techniques to get listed and ranked high

4. Continue to add quality contents to the website especially targeted on high-paying keywords.

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