How to earn $1000/month online

Ok let’s do some simple math here how to generate $1000/mo income from the internet.

The most popular income streams for many internet marketers are from affiliate and adsense revenue. You can set it based on your strength – whether on adsense or affiliate.

Let say you want

Affiliate => $600/mo ~ $20/day in average
Adsense => $400/mo ~ $15/day in average

Affiliate to get $20/day you must have

200 visitors per day
20 clicks out of 200 visit
2 purchase out of 20 clicks
each purchase you get $10

Adsense to get $15/day you must have

400 visitors per day
50 clicks out of 1000 impressions (about 5% click-through-rate CTR)
each click you get $0.3 (* you have to choose the right keyword to gain more)

What you can do to improve the figure:

  1. Get more traffic – with multiple source of traffic generation – Search Engine, PPC, safelist, autoresponder etc. Spend more on your advertising vehicles but always closely monitor your ROI.
  2. Get higher click through – Always test and tune your ad position, color, wording etc. to get more clicks and purchase
  3. Get more websites selling more products. Always add your website. Let say one website a month consistently

Sooner or later you will get your first $1000/month (which is almost RM4000). Keep on doing what works and stop doing what is not.

Of course to get the $1000/month is not as simple as the calculation above. But it can give you some ideas what it takes to get the amount of money.

2 thoughts on “How to earn $1000/month online

  1. Jen @ Adsense Freedom

    Ahmad – this is a useful breakdown of how easy it can be to earn money with Adsense.

    I do feel that earning money with Adsense is easier for the internet newbie than it is with affiliate programs – it’s also quicker.

    With consistent effort, the $1000/month target is certainly achievable – many are making far more than this!


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