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Buat duit di internet. Lagi..

Sejak kebelakangan ni asyik dok fikir tentang buat duit di internet.

1. Sebab baru je lepas bagi talk untuk pahang tourism weekend lepas pasal blog, SEO dan jana pendapatan di internet.

2. Kena fokus kepada ‘passive income’ semula untuk bersedia untuk ‘retire’

3. Kena asah semula some skills yang dah ditinggalkan semasa buat full-time dulu

4. Kebanyakan ‘passive income’ bukan datang dari blog tetapi dari website. Blog hanya menyumbang trafik kepada website, alat meningkatkan kredibiliti dan berkongsi pengetahuan.

5. Blog tak cukup ‘auto-pilot’ dan ‘leverage’ untuk menyumbang kepada pendaptan yang berterusan (kena sentiasa menulis dan menulis. Berhenti menulis, pembaca akan berkurang)

6. Adsense masih menjadi penyumbang besar pendapatan di internet selain servis dan pengiklanan.

7. Kena mulakan semula satu sistem untuk menghasilkan ‘cash cow’ yang boleh jana pendapatan berterusan

Kesimpulan – blogging is not my way of making money online (even some people do). So I will focus on what I’m good at, improvise the system and multiply.

Kenapa masih guna domain kalau anda boleh guna .com sendiri?

Saya lihat masih ramai yang berniaga di internet menggunakan blogspot. Tak salah menggunakan blogspot kerana ia mudah dan percuma. Tetapi bagaimana pula dengan domain tersebut?

Ia nampak agak kurang profesional dan domain tersebut boleh dirampas (di banned atau servis terhenti) bila-bila masa saja oleh blogspot.

Satu alternatif yang mudah dan murah tetapi sangat praktikal ialah membeli domain anda sendiri ( diwaktu yang sama masih menggunakan

Haa.. kan lebih cun kalau ada .com sendiri? Lebih profesional dan jika berlaku apa-apa dengan blogspot anda masih memegang nama .com anda. Kalau nak pindah guna wordpress atau hosting sendiri pun boleh gunakan nama yang sama.

Bagaimana nak register .com anda sendiri untuk

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Pakej web hosting tanpa had!

Ini merupakan satu perkembangan baru dalam dunia web hosting di Malaysia walaupun pakej seperti ini telah diperkenalkan di peringkat antarabangsa beberapa tahun lepas contohnya oleh hostgator.

Pakej web hosting tanpa had ~ Tiada had ‘space’, tiada had untuk ‘bandwidth’ dan tiada had sebanyak mana domain ditambah kepada akaun tersebut (ini yang terpenting).

Dulu saya mengalami masalah untuk host banyak website dengan domain yang berbeza-beza. Untuk mendapatkan hosting terpaksa membuat bayaran dalam RM80 setahun. Kalau ada 10 website bukan RM800 jadinya? Continue reading

Twitter tu apa? Best sangat ke?

Fuh dah lebih sebulan blog ni di anak tirikan. Sebenarnya saya sibuk revamp satu lagi website saya yang lain. Tukar script dari ASP ke PHP, tukar server, tukar design. Ingin bermula dengan segala-galanya baru dan insyaAllah dengan keuntungan pada tahap yang berbeza..

Ok berbalik kepada tajuk. Mungkin anda pernah dengar twitter. Apa itu twitter dan apa yang best sangat dengan twitter ni? Adakah dia ada kena mengena talian darah dengan facebook? Haha.. soalan ni makin complicated pula. Continue reading

Received check from Kontera

Just received another check from Kontera. This is the 2nd time I received payment from Kontera. The commission is very slow compared to Adsense. Never mind actually since it complements Adsense with in-text advertisement.

kontera check
As usual, I don’t like to show off my income to the public. Maybe some people say that it will give motivation to others to work harder to get more but most of the time people think it is so easy to get it and will stop trying after do not get anything for few months pouring effort.

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How to get more money from what you already have?

When you have a business or any source of income, probably the most common ways to get more money is to find another source of income. But do you think that you have getting the fullest from your current source of income.

Below are some things you might want to consider to get even more with the same source you have.

1. Get more leads.

Leads generate customers. It is a number game, when you have more leads, you will get more customers means more money! If you are having a internet business website, get more traffic to your site.

2. Improve your conversion rate

If now from 100 visitors that visit your site, only 2 will purchase from you (2% conversion), then try to improve it to maybe 5-10% conversion. Add testimonials, package your products, give discount etc etc.

3. Increase your ticket price

If now you are selling a product form RM10, try to add some value to it and increase it to RM30. So that you will have a minimum purchase value of RM30 instead of RM10! This is easy but do it very carefully. You must justify why you add your price otherwise your customer will run away to your competitor

4. Sell again to your existing customers!

Don’t forget about your existing customers. They already purchased from you. They have the money and they trust you by being your customer. Why not you offer them some other products of yours to them? It is easier than trying to close sale for new customers.

5. Increase your profit margin

Now you are getting 30% profit margin from product you sell. For example, you take the product from manufacturer at RM70 and you sell at RM100. You get RM30 (30%) as gross profit. Why not you find another manufacturer that can give you RM50 for the same products OR you can neogotiate with your current manufacturer to give a better margin OR maybe you can learn the technology and become manufacturer of that product!

Now you think you can get more money? NO way!

..unless you do the above… 🙂 All the best!

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Another “the death of..” report

I got few e-mails from fellow internet marketers promoting a free report titled “The death of network marketing”. You will get US0.25 per successful download. But hold on. I’m NOT going to ask you to download anything so that I can make money and left you getting few bucks because you don’t know how to make money with it.

This kind of viral marketing was being made popular by Scott Boulch of The death of Adsense where you get US1 for each download if I’m not mistaken. Then more internet marketers adapting this method to build list fast and sell high-priced seminar and dvd collection or whatever.

It was hard to get the download not as what people say ‘easy money’. If you do not have at least 1000 subscribers in your opt-in list, forget about it. No one will download from you when you advertise on your blog with only 20 visitors a day.

Furthermore it is a one time payment that you get from your effort. Not a long term residual income you can get again and again from the internet.

Lately I always think a simpler, better way for beginner and non-techie people to really be successful on the internet. If you say that everybody can make money online, I totally disagree with that.

It’s just like saying everybody can be an engineer. Yes you can be a an engineer, but you need a special skill and enough knowledge to be one. You have to spend lots of time learning, researching and master lots of other technical skill to be an engineer.

If you want to make money online you may need to know how to build website, setting up a blog, shopping cart, uploading files, affiliate program scripts, know about SEO, web 2.0, opt-in list and so on and so on.. Do you think you can do this with what you currently have? Do you really afford to do what it takes to be successful online?

How many of you have read more than 20 ebooks on making money online? How many of you have spent more than 3 hours a day just to look for opportuny to make money online? How many of you have gone to seminar but still don’t have idea how to make money online? How many of you getting less than USD10 from internet after spend time blogging for more than 3 months?

So what’s the simple way? Do you have the answer? I don’t.. at this moment but I will share when I have the answer. Think think..

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Affiliate commission from exabytes

Today just received my check from exabytes. Not much but still help me to pay the bills for this month. Here’s a photo I took with my compact digital cam. No need for a scanner anymore..

Exabytes is one from only a few Malaysia’s affiliate merchant who give a generous amount of affiliate commission. They give RM78 per hosting sale. The only difficult part is you need to accumulate the commission till it sum up to RM400 for you to get the check.

If you are interested to join and get some money, you can join the affiliate program for free. Go to exabytes website, click on “Reseller & Affiliates” on top and then click on “Affiliate program” on the left bar. Just sign up as usual and you will get the URL to promote.

The conversion rate (from my stats) so far is about 0.75% (from about 135 visitors you get 1 sale). Quite low but you can get higher conversion if you expose the ad to more targeted visitors.

I’m not going for affiliate commission that much lately. Give more attention to Google Adsense and my other potential online businesses. It is just like a bonus besides my other streams of income I receive every months.

Maybe you want to read this book titled “Multiple streams of income” by Robert G. Allen. You can get some idea how to do it better.

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Lebih 100 software dan ebook percuma untuk dimuat turun

Lebih 100 software dan ebook percuma untuk anda download dan gunakan. But nothing is FREE 🙂 Untuk download setiap software dan ebook tu anda kena subscribe newsletter mereka.

Walaubagaimanapun saya dah browse semua senarai yang ada dan mendapati ada beberapa software atau panduan yang sangat berguna anda boleh dapati secara percuma (tanpa bayaran).

Antaranya seperti camstudio for internet marketer, traffic with youtube, article submitter, website creator dsb.

Cuba browse dan download apa yang anda betul-betul perlukan. Jangan buang terlalu banyak masa di sana. Nanti tergendala pulak kerja-kerja lain 🙂

117 software and goodies [updated 23/06/2009 – website ni dah tak ada]

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