Advanced website statistics

I need an advanced website stats tools. Need to closely monitor which of my adveritisng methods are working and which are not.

Will write a PHP code to do this. To monitor each and every page hits and the way the visitor navigate the website.

Found this tracker but not yet tested

3 thoughts on “Advanced website statistics

  1. Empayar Internet

    I think there’s an easier way.

    Let’s say you’re promoting a site on Adwords, just tag the site with ?adwords and you can check the stat in your cPanel.

    Unless you want something sophisticated, you’ve got to find a good script or develop it yourself (and sell it 🙂 )

    Mohd Fairuz

  2. azwan


    Dah try, tapi website load agak slow dan stats dia pun tak de lah advanced sgt. Tak tau la sebab first time try dulu then terus tak guna dah.


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