Affiliate commission from exabytes

Today just received my check from exabytes. Not much but still help me to pay the bills for this month. Here’s a photo I took with my compact digital cam. No need for a scanner anymore..

Exabytes is one from only a few Malaysia’s affiliate merchant who give a generous amount of affiliate commission. They give RM78 per hosting sale. The only difficult part is you need to accumulate the commission till it sum up to RM400 for you to get the check.

If you are interested to join and get some money, you can join the affiliate program for free. Go to exabytes website, click on “Reseller & Affiliates” on top and then click on “Affiliate program” on the left bar. Just sign up as usual and you will get the URL to promote.

The conversion rate (from my stats) so far is about 0.75% (from about 135 visitors you get 1 sale). Quite low but you can get higher conversion if you expose the ad to more targeted visitors.

I’m not going for affiliate commission that much lately. Give more attention to Google Adsense and my other potential online businesses. It is just like a bonus besides my other streams of income I receive every months.

Maybe you want to read this book titled “Multiple streams of income” by Robert G. Allen. You can get some idea how to do it better.

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