Getting your first dollar

Not sure whether I wrote about this before but just to remind myself about this matter. It is the key for success in making money actually.

People always talk about getting extra money. Make BIG money but most of them who talked about it just didn’t make it. And they will continue to talk about it.

These people will talk about what is the best business to do now, high margin, low risk, mass market, profitable. The ‘smarter’ people then talk about how to penetrate the market, doing a viral marketing approach to get more money in very little time.

At the end, none of those “smart” people is making money. I think because they are too ‘smart’ to see the little yet so important thing; which is how you want to get your first dollar. Once you can do this, you have no problem making ‘extra’ money. That’s the small secret.

p/s: Am thinking to get my first dollar for my new project………..

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1 thought on “Getting your first dollar

  1. Azlan

    great to see our fellow malaysian on the plane to online success. wishing you all the best… do update us with the outcome.. looking at your pages seams we do have similar objectives. with the same reason I commenting this too..

    p.s: would love to write bout your site. hit me if you willing to do the same



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