Bestselling books on internet biz/marketing

Few days ago, I bought another book from list of bestselling books on internet biz/marketing category. You can check the list at amazon. The title of the book is The E-Code.


But I ordered the book locally at MPH. They claimed to send the book within 2-4 weeks but I received the book in just 2 days! Very fast service. The courier cost is just about RM5 and is waived if you order more than RM80 in value. (promoting MPH again)
The ideas and tips presented in that book is very very interesting and some of them I’ve never tought of. Most of the techniques in that book reveals the proven techniques the super internet marketers use to successfully promote their online business and programs.

Some of the techniques are on how to use opt-in list, how to get people subscribe to your list, how to get massive and continous traffic to your site, how to multiple your sales revenue etc etc.

I give 4 out of 5 stars to this book and highly recommend it to those who are serious in making big bucks online.

Would like to buy another book soon after finish reading and implementing the techniques in this book.

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